Ruth O'Donoghue

I prototype usability solutions

I take great pleasure in creating enjoyable and seamless user experiences. This can be done in a number of different ways. I draw on my UX ‘toolbox’ (wireframes, personas, use cases and so on) to create a bespoke solutions for both clients and users.

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I create user interfaces

My passion is creating bright, clean and dynamic user interface assets. I have created UI assets for a number of different platforms (Mobile - games, traditional applications, augmented reality applications, 3D/2D video games, Virtual Reality Experiences).

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I design games

Coming from a game development background, I have designed and prototyped a variety of games and interactive storytelling pieces. I primarily work with the Unity3d Engine.

Screenshot: Eden Falls (2017)

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I’ve had the opportunity to work with some awesome clients and agencies. Get in touch and see what we can create together today!